Kripkenstein: The Patriarchy Is a Language Game

Kripkenstein: The Patriarchy Is a Language Game
Research paper
This paper will dedicate itself to understanding the way that language functions in relation to the human condition. Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations and Saul Kripke’s Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language will serve as the structure for this paper so that I may develop a sustained conversation about Wittgenstein’s language games, the nature of rule following within those games, and
what this means for contemporary justice issues. In the ensuing sections, I will outline the logic at work in Wittgenstein’s language games and present the skeptic’s paradox for these rules. In addition, I will apply these concepts to Kripke’s analysis. I will then provide Wittgenstein’s solution to the problem alongside the conclusions that Kripke makes about Wittgenstein’s language games and the solution to the paradox. Finally, I will invite us to consider the significance of this philosophical approach in terms of patriarchal power and a feminist critique. This project aims to discuss the significance of
language, and the magnitude of conceptualizing the human being’s relationship to language: a conversation rooted in the work of some of the most influential twentieth century philosophers.


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