Social and Behavioral Sciences

An Examination of the Social, Political, and Economic Experiences of the Latinx LGBTQ Population in Southern California

Latinx LGBTQ communities within the United States are largely underrepresented socially, politically, and economically. This particular group’s overlap of race/ethnicity and sexual identity/orientation presents unique challenges for those who identify with this group. This paper closely examines the lived experience of Latinx LGBTQ members in Southern California.


Which Factors Cause People to Use Illicit Drugs?

Illicit drug use and its reasons are the areas that many sociologists have not researched thoroughly. The importance of impulsivity in explaining the reason for illegal drug use is dependent on societal constructs like gender, race, age, and income according to the available literature. Assessing illicit drug use is not complete until research examines the strain theory as well as labeling theory. According to the principle of strain theory, social pressure areas such as insufficient income or inadequate education and peer influence drive the members of society to engage in crime.



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