Social and Behavioral Sciences

A Two-Colombia Model: How the “Hidden Colombia” Emerges with Qualitative Analysis

At first glance, state stability seems to be on the rise in Colombia; however, closer examination gives rise to a two-Colombia model. The “Visible Colombia” is represented by the currently available statistical data, while the “Hidden Colombia,” lost in the statistical aggregation, emerges through qualitative analysis.


The Wear Justice Movement: An Autoethnographic Study

Wear Justice is a social movement that exists to rethink consumerism through community. At its beginning in 2018, Wear Justice drew over a thousand attendees at Point Loma Nazarene University and has continued growing and expanding. With education and activism at its core, Wear Justice aims to start critical conversations amongst students about solutions to inequality in the fashion industry through hands-on community-based events.


A Critique of Contemporary Worship Music: Virtual Community in the Time of COVID-19

This project explores the ways in which God is an on-going presence in changing times. Asking how the Church can best love those around it in the COVID-19 pandemic using the role of language as a means of extending love.


The Mediator - Volume IX, Issue 1 April 2013

This volume of the Mediator reproduces papers presented at the Wesley Theological Conference held at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, November 8-10, 2012. The conference was organized by a committee led by Dr. Dick Eugenio, professor of theology at APNTS. The majority of scholars presenting at this conference were Asians, and this represents a significant step in the contextualization of Wesleyan theology for Asia. Other attempts in this area have been made, and these must continue. The time has long past for theology to beproduced by Asians for Asia.


The Mediator - Volume IX, Issue 2 December 2013

This issue of The Mediator includes articles and book reviews written by faculty members of Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. The first paper, by Dr. Nativity Petallar, was originally presentedat the Women in Ministry Forum on the seminary campus in 2009. It details some of the particularities of women’s intellectual experience, and in particular the integration of knowledge and action.The editor has altered this paper only slightly from how it was originally presented,in order to preserve some elements of the oral performance.The second paper, by Dr.



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