Social and Behavioral Sciences

Key Factors that Constitute an Effective Assessment Center for OSEC Victim-Survivors in the Philippines.

There are about 750,000 predators online at any given moment of the day who are prowling the internet to gain contact with vulnerable children and to obtain an image and video materials of child pornography (UN 2017). The growing accessibility and availability of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the Philippines, along with the nation’s increasing level of poverty incidence (ADB 2019), paved the way for sexual abuse and exploitation of children to transition to the online domain and for the distribution of such images and videos to reach internationally.


History Forgot About Us

This poetry collection looks into the lives of those oft overlooked figures in American history who expand our country’s narrative into a greater reflection of our truths. The poems catalog the past through people, in chronological order, with the hope that their stories will expand how we understand the present.



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