A Critique of Contemporary Worship Music: Virtual Community in the Time of COVID-19

This project explores the ways in which God is an on-going presence in changing times. Asking how the Church can best love those around it in the COVID-19 pandemic using the role of language as a means of extending love.


“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along:” A New Norm for Managing Conflict in the Church.

ABSTRACT The Jesus Model of conflict management has important implications for the future of the church. If we can make this the standard operating practice in our congregations, then we can manage potentially destructive situations. This essay presents a definition of conflict: An expressed struggle between two interdependent parties over perceived scarce rewards, incompatible goals, or unfulfilled expectations. There are several important ideas about conflict: it is unavoidable, sometimes unresolvable, but manageable. There are three basic components of conflict: ego, stasis, and pseudo.



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