Bible Studies for Children: Acts

Welcome to Bible Studies for Children: Acts! In this collection of biblical studies, the children learn about how Jesus’ disciples spread God’s love to the whole world! The Book of Acts was written by a doctor named Luke who travelled with Paul on his journeys. The Book of Acts tells about Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, the gift of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the Church. It even tells when and where the word Christian was first used. Acts tells us how Christians today can continue to spread the good news about God’s love.

Bible Studies for Children: Acts is one of six books in the series. These studies help children to gain an understanding of biblical chronology and the meaning of biblical events. As the children learn about the lives of the people in these studies, they discover God’s love for all people and their place in his plan. God sometimes uses miracles to achieve his purpose. He often works through people to accomplish what he wants to do.

The philosophy of this series is to help the children to understand what the Bible says, to learn how God helped the people, and to grow in their relationship with God. This includes biblical study, biblical memorization, and application of biblical teachings in real life situations.

Bible Studies for Children uses the New International Version of the Bible.


Use the links below to download a sample chapter in English or the full version in other languages