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The Sofia Discipleship Project: A Contemporary Adaptation of the Wesley Class Meeting to Meet the Discipleship Formation Need of the Leadership Team of the Sofia First Church of the Nazarene

This project deals with delivering Covenant Discipleship through social networking as an effective way to connect established communities in overcoming contemporary challenges to discipleship within the Sofia First Church of the Nazarene.


A Mega Church and Jesus' Fully Devoted Followers: Westlink Christian Church-Viewing the Forest and Trees Together

This research project’s contention is that mega churches have wrestled uniquely, (and perhaps more in some cases), to define a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and provide a church setting consistently encouraging and facilitating Christian maturity.  Among independent Christian churches, at least, the growing number of mega churches heightens this concern and begs for better understanding and progress.



A Journey in the Right Direction

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Eurasia Discipleship Ministries




There are some common questions about these themes that many of us have asked, and have been asked by others. A few of us sat down to reflect on these questions, and as is usually the case, we ended up with even more questions of our own. We wrote those down, too, so that together with you, we can embark on a journey.

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