Daily Holiness Text-book

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
John Thompson
Eleuthera I. D. Pepper
01 -- Holiness Possible -- (Jan. 1-12)
02 -- Freedom From Sin Possible -- (Jan. 13-Feb. 6)
03 -- Call To Holiness -- (Feb. 7-16)
04 -- Holiness Commanded -- (Feb. 17-26)
05 -- Exhortations To Holiness -- (Feb. 27-March 8)
06 -- Holiness Promised -- (Mar. 9-18)
07 -- Motives To Holiness -- (Mar. 19-April 9)
08 -- Prayers For Holiness -- (Apr. 10-22)
09 -- Discouragements In Seeking Holiness -- (Apr. 23-25)

Holiness for Everyday

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Gideon B. (Gideon Brooks) Williamson

Devotions for every day of the year

Words of Cheer for Each Day of the Year

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Clarence Ellsworth Cornell

Words of Cheer for Each Day of the Year includes a scripture verse and brief thought for each day. The author, C. E. Cornell "was one of the foremost pastors of the first half-century of the Church of the Nazarene. For years he served First Church, Chicago, and carried on a vigorous evangelistic ministry. Later he pastored historic First Church of Los Angeles, California." (from Publisher's Foreword)

First published in 1925, this revised edition was published in 1958, the Golden Anniversary of the denomination.

A Day in the Lord's Court

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
James Blaine Chapman

Seventy short homilies, ending with Psalm 84:10, suitable not for sermons but for short meditations or personal devotional times.

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